Traminer is genetically very close to a wild forest vine, from which it could have arisen by crossing with some ancient cultural variety cultivated by the Romans. The grapes are small, short conical, with small, slightly oval berries, which have a very thick skin, in which many spicy, aromatic substances are stored. The color of the peel is red to grey-red. Tramín was registered in the State Variety Book in 1941.

Tramín is genetically one of the oldest grape varieties cultivated in our country, it is the parent of such varieties as Riesling, Sauvignon, Grüner Veltliner, Grüner Sylvania, Pálava and others.

The variety is demanding on excellent locations and requires deep, nutritious soil. It showers easily in rainy weather during flowering. The ripening of the grapes is medium to late, there is a high concentration of sugar in the berries, but there may be an excessive drop in acid. The wine has a more intense color than most other white wines - it is greenish yellow to golden yellow. Tramín wine is characterized by the richness of the intoxicating aroma and spiciness, which in higher grades of wine are tinted with sweet honey notes of raisins. Its scent can be compared to the scent of a tea rose, which is accompanied by other shades of scents – cinnamon and orange blossom. The taste is mostly oily, heavy with a low acid content.