The first mention of the variety "Gewürztraminer" dates from 1827 in the Rheingau region. Today, the Gewürztraminer variety is considered an aromatic mutation of the Traminer Rot variety (Savagnin Rosé, Red Tramin).

Tramín is genetically one of the oldest grape varieties cultivated in our country, it is the parent of such varieties as Riesling, Sauvignon, Grüner Veltliner, Grüner Sylvania, Pálava and others.

They are often offered as an accompaniment to appetizers, especially foie gras pâtés. Dry Tramíny is recommended with onion pie or with smoked fish or eel. Sweet selections with residual unfermented sugar go well with cheeses with blue mold or with sheep or goat cheeses at the end of the meal. Thanks to its unusual aroma and the fullness of the lychee taste, Tramín belongs to the few wines that go well with spicy food. Therefore, Tramín wines can also be served with some exotic, strongly spiced dishes of Asian cuisine, or with sweet preparations of meat. Very sweet Tramíns are often served at the end of a meal with sweet desserts such as cheesecake or plum cake.